Thursday, May 6, 2010


Many times in my life I can recall my family laughing and saying..." O Tanya can do it",call Tanya she knows just where to get that",or Tanya can help you with throwing that party. I have even joked and said I may not have a PHD but I sure can throw a party. LOL

I am ususally doing all this while doing 50 other things. If my plate is not overflowing I am not happy. You know you have seen me...the lady that has a kid on the hip while cooking dinner and helping another kid with a school project and still reaching out to help the neighbor get to the store because their car is broke down but telling them we have to stop on the way because so and so needs me to drop of something. Yeah, that crazy person is me!
I always have a bag or two full of stuff incase I need something and yes I usually never even get in them. (I think I got that from my Grandmother)

However, the last few days I have just felt so overwhelmed. My sister has even told me several times "Stop and Breathe". We have our team garage sale coming up on May 22nd and I have been collecting like crazy. Thanks to all that have donated. I still have to price all of it.BUT..I will get it done. We have been blessed by Best Days a local bar that is allowing us to do a charity day on June 12th. Which we will have a Topless Car Wash, Texas Hold "em tournament and a Dart tournament. We are hoping to have some local vendors as well. This all sounds like a blast but the getting there is throwing me for a loop. Plus we have a large July 4th weekend planned that is totally not related to the 3day but alot is on my shoulders for this.


There is a lot going on and did I mention that all of this is over and above my regular job, my part time job, and the Avon, candles, braclets and flip flops that I am also selling to help raise funds to meet my goal of $2300.

Heck, I have all this going on and have not even trained this week...I guess it is a good thing the offical training doesn't start for DFW until May 21st.

Have you ever felt like a bright Pink yo-yo on the end of a little girl's finger and her favorite game is around the world?

Thank you to all my cheerleaders that keep reminding me I can do this... I can walk 60 miles...I can raise $2300...I can throw a great event..I am a great mom.

I couldn't get thru Novemember 7th without each of you.

As always Standing Firm,

ps. help me get to my goal by donating at

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