Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Instant satisfaction...That's me!!!! I don't mind working my rear-end off to get IT but when I am done I want the pay-off right then and there no questions asked just give me the pay-off.

Thanks to all the wonderful 3day bloggers I am learning that the pay-off is not instant. Kristen of Kristen Walks writes about the 3day is a Journey not the Destination which you can read here. Thank goodness she did otherwise I may have had a total break down yesterday. As I have mentioned before I was in a serious car wreck almost 3 years ago and had to have my right ankle rebuilt. Lots of metal and therapy later I was good as new. Most of my family was worried when I signed up for the 3day, saying things like are you sure you can walk that far with your ankle. I am not sure you should do it remember your ankle.

Well I am pretty stubborn and once my mind is made up I go for IT. In this case that meant hitting the pavement. I have however kept an eye on my ankle after all I can't walk in a 3day, 60 mile event not to mention the hundreds of miles of training if my ankle doesn't work....right?

A week ago Saturday I went for my first 5 mile walk only to get home and noticed that there was a large cyst on my ankle. I watched it for a couple of days but it didn't go away so I made the scary phone call to the doctor. I say scary because if the news wasn't good it could de-rail my whole plan.

Yesterday was the Dr. visit and sure enough I have to have surgery to remove the hardware because the natural fluid that is in your joints is leaking thru one of the wholes causing the cyst. He says he could just drain it but it will just come back so the only way to make sure I make it to my pay-off is by having the surgery.

Like I said I want the instant satisfaction.....I DON"T like hearing the words "hurry up and wait". Dr. Medlock and his tech Travis are super guys they know how much this walk means to me and literally squeezed me in for Thursday so I could get this over with as fast as possible and back to training.

The official 24 week training for DFW starts this Friday the day after my surgery. Dr. Medlock says I won't be starting that one but says I will be good to go before the 16 week training starts.

So I just want to thank all the 3day-ers that share they wisdom, love and guidance to us newbies. Without each of you yesterday could have been just awful instead it was just another speed bump in the road. Which by the way you can read Margie's Magenta Miles here where she too talks about delays.

Standing Firm

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  1. Tanya, I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. I managed to injure myself before training started and now going to physical therapy. My 24 weeks training started last week, but I can't do it yet. I feel your pain. We may not be able to do the full 60 miles, but we will get there!! {hugs}