Monday, May 24, 2010


Earlier today I blogged about pushing thru, doing things because they are the right thing. This afternoon I just have to share because the must be a 3 day fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of this morning I had $1253.00 in my SGK account. I am holding a $45.00 cash donation that needs to be sent in. Plus we had our team garage sale this weekend and I raised $465.00 cash that will be mailed in this week. Which brought me to $1763.00 only $537.00 away from my goal of $2300.00.

Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoooo!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I have another fundraiser planned for June 12th, I will make my goal. Which with the being my first walk I have worried alot meeting my goal. Then in 3day magic just when I wasn't sure I could make it to the end of this day. I got a phone call that my grandmothers company is donating $300.00. That means that as of right now I am only $237.00 away from my fundraising goal.

Woo-hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then got a phone call from my boyfriends mother who ownes another local company asking if I was still doing tshirts with company names and I told her yes...most certainly yes. She asked if I still had room for them and that she will be donating in the very near future.

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO looks like this newbie will make goal and still have time to raise extra