Friday, May 28, 2010

T23 weeks and Counting

Apparently having 14 screws and 2 plates removed from your ankle is not as easy or painless as some (me) would think. This week has had a lot of down time and although we wish for it during our day to day, crazy, busy schedules when it is forced upon me it makes me crazy. Not a little antsy I mean all out emotional with tears, snapping at people kind of crazy. As a single Mom all things have always fallen on me and I belive it is my job to tend to them. When the truth be told my kids are pretty grown at 21 and 15 they really don't need me for the day to day. Which is why I decided to finally do the 3day walk but that is for another post.

My kids have been great and my boyfriend has been amazing this week driving me to and from keep in mind I work over 40 miles away from where we live so that has been an extra 4 hours a day for him just driving.

So last night after we got home and my daughter was making us dinner I thought to myself.....Self why have you been acting like such a baby this week? The kids have been just fine with Mom not at full speed, the house didn't fall apart and noone missed a meal. It got me to really thinking about how lucky I am to have just honored my 4 year cancer survior date and why I really am doing the 3day.

And if my own thoughts didn't get me a little choked up my wonderful daughter came in the living room and we had some very special Mom and Daughter time. I gave her free will to paint my toes and fingers. Now to some that may not seem like a big deal but my daughter is very colorful. I have pink zebra finger nails and orange and green toes. Lovely aren't they???

Since she just finished her freshman year in high school I am very aware of how fast time goes and how in the blink of an eye she will be doing her own thing. So these are special moments anyway but add to that the already emotional week this Mom has had it really was special. I posted it on my Facebook and knew the Moms would all comment or "like" it but what I didn't know was that some of the other teenagers would "like" it. So after she went back to doing her own thing I laid on the couch and thought about the Moms who have lost their battle to cancer, the ones that are fighting with everything they have and no matter how much they would love to have orange and green toes they just can't muster the energy to sit up in bed and let their sweet daughter paint them. It made me realize its just not the Moms that miss and enjoy this time but the kids do to....we (I) tell myself that my kids are getting big and they don't need me but the truth is just as I will always need them they will always need me.

I can honestly tell you that the pitty pot I have been on this week was put AWAY and I will honor not just my 4 year surviour date but I will honor all of those ladies past, present and future that cancer effects. I will focus on the goal and give my foot the proper time to heal without fuss, so come Nov 5-7 I can stand with thousands of other men and women to show that honor.

On the funraising note I got a $300 donation this week which makes me $237.00 away from goal so things are moving along pretty nicely there. We have a carwash planned in June and hope to meet or exceed my goal then.

Standing Firm

Ps. If you haven't donated to a 3day walker yet please click on the pretty pink button on their blog or facebook page or even go to and look them up by name. Either way please just help us reach a world without cancer.

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