Monday, May 17, 2010


This past Friday after getting home from the hospital with my daughter late I threw in laundry so I would have something pink to wear for the Kick-Off walk Saturday morning. I went thru the mental check shirt, backpack, shoes and fluid. I knew where it all was and was ready for my walk. YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning shined all to soon but I was up and ready to go. I picked up my sister (my un-offical team mate) and off we headed. We got to New Balance with pink everywhere and butterflies started. For a breif second I thought "what in the world am I doing"? I don't talk to strangers. I am not a fit/exercise junky. I am just an average person what makes me think I can take on this HUGE,BOLD, CRAZY  challenge?

Then I realized I do talk to strangers... they have helped get over 50% of my fundraising already meet. They have given me help with fundraising letters. They have given me cyber high fives. I am an exercise junky...I walk 3-4 times a week and have even made one 5 mile walk, with a week until the "offical" training season starts for DFW. I am not just an average person... I am a Mom, Daughter, Grandaughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Cousin. I am a women that has been told the words " you have cancer" and have promised myself I would someday to my part in making sure that word no longer carried any weight.

So out of my car I climbed and what do you know I no sooner signed in then a lovely lady started talking to us just like we had been friends forever. No stranger there! My sister and I talked and I realized that during that check list I went thru I realized I didn't bring a camera....I have to remember my camera...I tell my son all the time take pictures you are going to want them later...HAHA.

We started our walk and I told my sister lets just walk our normal pace no matter where we end up in the crowd. This is our first walk with a group of walkers and I really want to know how I am fairing. What do you know we were in the front of the middle pack. Not bad for a girl that doesn't like to exercise.

The rest of the weekend was spent working on our team garage sale and today I printed out my 24 week training schedule. I felt just like a kid at Christmas time counting down the days until training starts.

Here we are at T-7 and counting. This time next week I will be mapping out and TRACKING my walks. Which up to this point I have not been keeping up with, I have just walked to get ready.

Standing Firm,


Ps. If you haven't donated click today that pretty pink button there is a person out there waiting on you.

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