Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It has taken me several days to be able to write this, as many of you know along with training for a 60 mile walk I have been dealing with a serious ankle injury that continues to flair its ugly head. My last blog was felt so good I had accomplished 16 miles in two days I had even accepted/decided that I would walk whatever my ankle would allow if that was 6 miles or 60 miles I was walking in this year's event!!!!

With lots of cyber voices in my head to listen to my body because I know it best with a reluctant spirit I went in to the Dr when out of the blue my ankle swelled so bad I almost could not drive myself home from back to school shopping with my daughter. I was told that the joint fluid is seeping out of the holes were the screws were at. Which is what is causing the swelling and nerve pain. I will be having yet another surgery to fill in the remaining holes that have not filled in naturally on their own.

Meaning with only 58 days until the Dallas Fort Worth 2010 event I will not be ready. This has been a major disappointment especially since the first time I signed up in 2006 I was unable to walk due to the unknown of my Thyroid Cancer. The good news is that the SGK group has reviewed my case and under special circumstance is allowing me to roll over to the 2011 event.

So instead of 58 days to get ready to walk I now have 414 days......I am pretty sure that just means I have lots of time to train. I plan on being one heck of a cheerleader though during this event!!!!

Standing Firm,