Tuesday, July 27, 2010



When I signed up back in February, November sounded so far away I remember thinking that is almost an entire year away there is no way I can't be ready with that kind of time. Then this past weekend as I read Facebook, Twitter, and blogs from all the Boston walkers I remember thinking MAN, there is only a little over 100 days will I really be ready to walk 60 miles in 3 days?

                                                          Boston walkers having lunch

My daughter and I have been talking about the 100 day mark coming up and thought it would be cool to do something like they do in school to mark the 100th day. 

Fun Facts
A football field is a 100 yards.
In the next 100 days I am scheduled to walk 410 miles. 
To this point there are over 100 words in this blog.

Serious Facts
40,610 deaths from Breast Cancer in a year, that is 111.2 a day, that means in the next 100 days before the walk 11,120 people will die in the USA.
192,370 Invasive cases of Breast Cancer in a year that is 527 new cases a day, that means in the next 100 days before the walk 52,700 new cases of  Invasive Breast Cancer.
62,280 Non invasive cases of Breast Cancer in a year this is 170 new cases a day, that means in the next 100 days before the walk 17,000 new case of non-invasive Breast Cancer.
That is a total of 69,700 new cases of Breast Cancer in between now and November 5th. 

I pray that your wife, daughter, sister, niece, friend, or cousin  is not one of those new cases won't you help me fight to bring those numbers down. By clicking on the pink button and making a donation to my Susan G. Komen account helping me reach my goal of $2300.00.  Together we can get to a day were we count the days without Breast Cancer.

 Standing Firm,

Monday, July 19, 2010


First let me say a huge "thank you to everyone" for all the positive words and pick me ups along this journey especially when the ankle was not playing nice BUT and that is a BIG BUT the last surgery seems to have worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was able to walk this weekend outside and in a shoe with out to much pain or swelling when I got done. As I have said I will be changing my "official" training schedule to the 16 week since I just don't feel like I was able to stick close enough to the 24 week training to feel successful. 

With my new job (which is going great) so close to the house I plan on walking to and from work or at least to for now. The Texas heat is at 100*F + at 5:00pm with a heat index of about 110*F so I will just have to play the walk home by hear. I am so excited to get back to training I just giggle when I think about it because way back in February when I signed up I never thought I would really enjoy training!!

I have even put my training schedule on the fridge and have my daughter working as my accountability partner I am not sure I should give my daughter the "go ahead to raz me" but I did wish me luck with that......lol

Monday = rest
Tuesday = 3 miles
Wednesday = 0 cross training
Thursday = 4 miles
Friday = 15 minutes cross training
Saturday = 5 miles
Sunday = 3 miles

Guess I just put it out there for all of you to be my accountability partner. Happy walking be safe out there!

Standing Firm, 


Thursday, July 8, 2010

T minus 18 weeks


The last two weeks have been a whirl wind of days. I finally got thru the surprise party for my Grandmother. I was really starting to think the big day would never get here. 200 people, 600 chicken kabobs, 50 lbs of roasted potatoes, ice sculpture, decorations, more food, a rain storm that had the streets steaming from the sudden drop in temps. However the look on her face and the tears of joy and love were a huge payoff for me. It made all the anxiety so worth it and reminded me that if this lady can have a successful business for 50 years with the odds against her I can walk 60 miles in 3 days with so many people on my side!!!!!

                                                          Dannyelle, Grandma, Cierra

I had a job interview and landed the new job, which is only 2 miles from my house so I will now be walking to work and still get home in less time than it took me to get home from my previous job. Then to top it all off I had to go back in for surgery last Thursday the day before the party. My silly ankle just would NOT heal. They found two stitches that did not dissolve which allowed Stap to set in. 

                                               Notice the pink flip-flops and ace bandage

In one of the few down moments I have had I set down with the 16 week training schedule for the 3-day and with reluctance finally decided I am going to start following that plan. Although I have been working in training as much as I could with the ankle I just don't think I have been able to stick close enough to consider the 24 week plan a success. Dr Medlock agreed that would be best he still believes I will be able to successfully complete the DFW walk in November.  So although I "officially" have this week and next without training I have kept doing a little on the treadmill again and hopefully next week will be allowed to get back outside. 

I also need to get back to fun-raising the team still has a bit to go to reach goal. My soldier nephews want me to try another car wash and say they will come out in uniform holding signs that say: "Soldiers support the Boobs" which totally cracks me up!!

 Standing Firm,

Ps. If you haven't donated to a 3day walker yet get busy the first event is less than a month away which means every event is getting closer.  It's easy click the pretty pink button on their blog, facebook, twitter or goto www.the3day.org and look them up by name.