Monday, July 19, 2010


First let me say a huge "thank you to everyone" for all the positive words and pick me ups along this journey especially when the ankle was not playing nice BUT and that is a BIG BUT the last surgery seems to have worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was able to walk this weekend outside and in a shoe with out to much pain or swelling when I got done. As I have said I will be changing my "official" training schedule to the 16 week since I just don't feel like I was able to stick close enough to the 24 week training to feel successful. 

With my new job (which is going great) so close to the house I plan on walking to and from work or at least to for now. The Texas heat is at 100*F + at 5:00pm with a heat index of about 110*F so I will just have to play the walk home by hear. I am so excited to get back to training I just giggle when I think about it because way back in February when I signed up I never thought I would really enjoy training!!

I have even put my training schedule on the fridge and have my daughter working as my accountability partner I am not sure I should give my daughter the "go ahead to raz me" but I did wish me luck with

Monday = rest
Tuesday = 3 miles
Wednesday = 0 cross training
Thursday = 4 miles
Friday = 15 minutes cross training
Saturday = 5 miles
Sunday = 3 miles

Guess I just put it out there for all of you to be my accountability partner. Happy walking be safe out there!

Standing Firm, 



  1. So glad to hear your ankle is improving!! Yippeeee! I was just thinking about you on my walk this morning (honestly, I was!), and was going to ask how you were doing. So happy to hear the good news =)

  2. Thank you that makes me smile and fell so loved. I am amazed at the friends that have been made already thru the 3day and I haven't even put a foot on the event trail. I am happy to report that I got my 3 miles in with no problem today!!!!!!!!!!!!