Monday, May 10, 2010


So last week I was felling a little overwhelmed to say the least.....but that was then and this is now!!!!!!!!!!! Monday is the start of a new week with new challenges and new surprises.

But before we get started with this week, I have to give myself a great BIG hi-five. Saturday morning I rolled myself out of bed not super early but my household was still snoozing taking adventage of the day off. First I remembered to charge my ipod (and for me that is no small task), showered and headed out the door. I was determined to walk 5 miles. Now for a few of you that may not sounds like a big deal but for this girl that was a big milestone. And as my fellow walker Cat of the FatGirl Walking blog says in her post today, this is worthy of a reward. Not sure what that might be yet but I am sure I can surf around the 3day site and find something I

I spent the rest of Saturday working on ragtop flip flops that I am selling to raise funds toward my goal. If I could get my silly Blackberry to work I would post a picture because if I do say so myself they are super cute. Anyway later that evening my kiddos walk in with my Mother's day gift and yes I asked them if they knew Mother's day was the next day?!? After a chuckle and the eyes stopped rolling at me they handed me my gift and told me there was a reason I was getting it Saturday.  So now with some eager intrest I went to opening. There was a whole new outfit of course in pink. A new shirt, a new pair of shorts, a pair of flip flops I was told for when I didn't want to wear tennis shoes, a pair of socks that were pink with American hearts. I must say my daughter was the most proud of that find. Since I love the American theme and my kitchen and living room display that love.

I woke up Sunday and was ordered to stay in my room. Now there use to be a time that if my kids said stay in my room I would have come flying thru the door because that meant there was fixing to be a
This time though I gladly stayed, enjoyed a cup of coffee (that was brought to me by my boyfriend) and just smiled listening to the noise being made in the kitchen. My daughter was fixing me breakfast and after sending my honey to the store NOT ONCE BUT TWICE FOR THINGS SHE NEEDED.  It looks like her cooking skills are coming along great even if her planning is still in the planning stages. Larry was a great sport about it and just laughed each time she called him. He said it was all worth it when he was ordered back to our room so that she could serve both of us breakfast in bed!

I sported my new outfit and enjoyed the rest of the day taking care of car issues which could have really bummed me out on anyother day but today was Mother's day and I wasn't going to let life get the best of me. We ended our great weekend with My Mom and siblings for dinner and lots of laughter.

So here we are at Monday with 26 weeks til the DFW event . A little over half way to my fundraising goal with two great events planned or should I say being planned and a few smaller fundraiser going on. I am felling like the little train..I think I can...I think I can....I think I can.

Standing Firm,


Ps. Don't forget to donate, or mark your calendars for May 22nd (garage sale) or June 12th (topless car wash and Texas Hold "em Tournament


  1. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day! Looking forward to following your journey : ) Where did you get that nifty countdown widget? Is there one for the SD walk??

  2. At the bottom of the widget there should be a gray box that says "get widget" that will take you to the sight and then you can play around and make all kinds of widgets.

    Good luck on your walk