Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leason Learned

Over the years my Dad has told me "kids are like sponges...they soak up everything around them". He has several of these little tidbits but when it comes to the 3day this one seems to fit the best. At least in my case, I have read, and read and did I say I have read all things 3day. Blogs, facebook, twitter, anything 3day that I can get my hands on. Since this will be my first walk I want make sure I am prepared I don't like going into things blind so to speak.

I haven't just been reading all this to fill my day I have taken it to heart. I bought (really I was gifted, thanks Grandma) a good pair of shoes that I only wear while training. I have bought me a couple of pair of socks again that I only wear while training. I bought me a nice little back pack from the 3day shop complete with phone & id holder. I even broke down a couple of weeks ago and got me two nice re-useable water bottles after reading what else but a blog about hydration and have been forcing myself to drink water not just while training but all day everyday. I have even been trying different types of drinks with electrolytes since these type drinks are not on my favorite drinks list.

Which brings me to my point Saturday I walked my first 5 mile walk and was pretty proud of myself until I got home and noticed that my ankle was more swollen than normal and has some kind of knot on it. So I took a couple of days off from walking trying to listen to my body as we are so often told thinking this would help the problem. But last night I just couldn't sit any longer I had to get out and move around so I thought I will go for a small walk...just 3 miles. Since this wasn't really a planned walk all I had was water straight from the tap. You know the kind your Dad use to tell you to drink cuz it was good for you, not the high priced pretty bottle kind. I had no Gatorade, no smart water, nothing just tap water. I thought to myself...Self you are just walking a few miles water will do the trick. So I filled up my cute little re-useable bottle with some ice and tap water and out the door I headed.

Have I mentioned before that I live in Dallas, Texas?!? Which means we have four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, still Summer and Christmas. Right now we are in the almost summer season which means it was 87 degrees at 6:30 in the evening with about 80% humidity.

Let's just say I have learned my lesson there is a reason all the wonderful and smart people of the 3day say drink something with electrolytes in it. In just 3 short miles I gave myself a lovely little headache and felt yucky when I got home.

Standing Firm

Ps. remember to donate I am still working on meeting my $2300 goal.

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