Friday, April 30, 2010

1........2.........30 Minutes

Wednesday my daughter offered to be my walking buddy and since I never turn down one on one time with her I took her up on the offer although I was watching a Touched by Angel rerun w/ Randy Travis in it and really could have had a lazy night.

She loaded up her ipod and her phone which of course for she doesn't leave the house without and out the door we headed. We decided that even though I have been walking 4 miles tonight we would only walk 2 miles. I have read enough Facebook comments and other walker blogs to know that a walk is a walk and some are long and fast and some are slow and short but either way the feet are moving. So I decided to just enjoy the time with my daughter after all she is 15 and that means I don't always get Mom time.

We walked thru our neighborhood with her telling me that she has been telling friends and teachers about my fundraising efforts and that she has me a couple of orders which is pretty exciting for me. Then we pass a few girls walking and I get the low down on them. Which if you are a Mom of teenager girls you know to take it with a grain of salt because those they don't like today maybe their best friend next week.

Anyway on we kept walking not really talking about anything special and I look down and find a dollar bill just there for the picking. WOOOOHOOOO a dollar, before I could even say it she smiled at me and said "So I guess that is going towards your goal uh Mom" I had to laugh and just said Yep that makes me one dollar closer to my goal.

We got to our turn around point and were heading home when my phone buzzed and I guess she didn't hear it. It was just a message that I was reading when she asked are you making a facebook status on your dollar have only been part of the 3day since February but she knows I get really excited about donations of any amount.

Over all a pretty good walk I found $1 dollar, the 2 of us got some much needed time, and it only took about 30 minutes.

Til next time Standing Firm

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