Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Affair

I remember when I was laying in the hospital after my Thryoid surgery most of my family there and in pretty good spirits and then came my Dad thru the door. He had a look that I had never seen before in all my 33 years and I remember thinking what in the world is wrong? I later found I was what was wrong he was scared to his words he was "helpless to help his oldest daughter".

I have thought of that several times over the last 4 years and thought of all the Dads that are told their kids no matter the age have cancer. As a parent myself I guess I can kinda now understand that look.

Yesterday I realized exactly how the big "C" can be a family affair for good and not just bad or scary. My daughter Dannyelle (15 yrs) has been handing out flyers to our fundraiser to all of her teachers and friends, she has been making braclets and hair bows to sell so she has money to donate. She called me yesterday after school to tell me that one of her teachers couldn't come tonight but was sending a donation.  Thanks Dannyelle and Ms. West.

This morning my son Preston (21 yrs) came in to tell me that he sent me a link to a local resturant that has sponorships for local charities.  I think he was looking them up because he was hungry really but hey I'll take the help anyway I can get it. Thanks Bubba, Mom loves you.

One of my grandmothers (78 yrs) has taken it upon herself to create and send out her own donation letter on top of mine to many of her friends and business folks. Let me just say that Gma Rocks!!!!!!!!! This was a great help it brought in over 500 bucks.

Each of my brothers and sisters have helped some have helped me train, some have helped me with fundraising ideas and some have helped just by being my cheerleaders.  A special thanks to each of you.

So I guess and am very thankful that cancer doesn't always have to effect a family in a bad way, because it sure has brought this family just a little bit closer working on kicking its booty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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