Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Special People

You often hear parents say that they learn alot from their kids and you think yeah I bet especially if they are still in school. After all everything seems to be taught different and they sure seem to learn alot more than we did back when I was in school.

As adults we know that although kids learn academics in school they also learn so much more. They learn how to interact with people, they learn how to speak up for themselves, they learn how to accept authority. And every now and then they learn what it means to lose a special person. Well this past week I had the honor and heartbreak of watching a group of kids lose a very special teacher.

Being a parent we remember things our kids sometimes wish we didn't and a couple years ago when the kids had Mr. Silverglat as a teacher they didn't take to him right away. After all he wasn't the heartthrobe or the most cool teacher but he was special in his own right. Most of the kids took his class because they thought broadcasting would be a blow off class, something they didn't have to work very hard at.

As the year drew on they realized Mr. Silverglat was pretty cool, yes he pushed them, yes he gave them homework and yes he made them laugh alot. So over all not a bad guy and in the eyes of a teenager that makes you pretty alright.

The kids moved on to high school but still talk to many of the teachers from that year, they have them on Facebook and they stop by for football games or just when they have time off. They became friends with those adults and although most would never admit it a friends is what they found. When they found out that Mr. Silverglat was sick a few months ago there were a few moments of sadness but as teenagers do they bounced back pretty quickly but last week when he passed on to Heaven. I got a phone call from my daughter and bless her heart you couldn't even understand her. I have many of her friends on Facebook and there have been several post to and about this very special teacher.

It has really made me stop and think just how people affect us everyday. Some we know have made a lasting impact some we only cross paths with for a very short time and really won't realize their impact until we are down the road.

Either way we all need each other and during the next several months I will be training and raising funds to go toward the Susan. G. Komen 3day walk for the Cure because just maybe there is somebody's life that will forever affect a student.

As always Standing Firm


Please donate even $5.00 helps us get a little closer to the Cure or you can find me on Facebook.

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