Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Now as a newbie 3day walker and one who's training was interrupted there are moments that I have felt like I didn't have much training advise to offer.

Sunday all that changed I went on my longest walk to date, a 6 mile loop from my house to my boyfriend's family shop and back to the house. There are a couple of stores and if needed my ex-mother-in-laws house, or my gradmothers just a block or so off the route. In my mind I was ready to go. I had decided although I normally walk with two water bottles and my 3day backpack I was going to go light this time since it was my first outside walk since surgery. I only took 1 bottle of water and no backpack with snacks.

My plan was to turn around at the shop it was the 3 mile marker

I thought I can stretch there and go to the restroom....wrong! Did I mention it was Sunday?!? No one was there to get inside the restrooms. Let me just say I learned a whole new meaning for the "pee-pee" dance.

Thank goodness one of those stores I mentioned was only about a mile back towards home. Luckly they were not one of those stores that say "no public restrooms". So I was able to splash my face with water...since it is Texas and was well of 80 degrees at 7-8 a.m. I bought me a bottle of smart water a package of nuts and finished the walk.

This was also the point that I realized why all the veteran walkers say take the time to pit-stop and stretch. I did take a minute at the turn around point to stretch but after getting a fresh,cold drink of water and a little on my face I spent a couple of minutes really resting and strecthing those legs.

I never realized that a few minutes and a cold drink of water had the magical powers to make you feel like a new person.

Then as I got to the end of my street I drank the last drink of water. I know some would say at least I made it home before running out. Maybe its the years of youth sports but no water makes me nervous. The what "ifs" have a way of kicking in.

The moral of my tell is small or long walk be prepared. Think about the day you are walking and make sure you know for sure that business you plan on using as a pit stop are open and public friendly.  Take your liquids with you don't take short cuts it could be your health at risk.

Standing Firm,

Ps. With all the "event cities" in full training mode and some as close to the event date as 4 weeks. If you haven't donate to a 3day walker please do so. It's easy just click on the pretty pink button on their facebook, blog or goto http://www.the3day.org/ and look them up by name. We are doing the hard part by training and walking 60 miles won't you help us save the boobs by donating????


  1. i so could have seen your face when you got to the shop and realized it was sunday and no one was there. and 7a you know our night owl grandma was sleeping! glad the valero is still there! really proud of you

  2. Oh, boy! I haven't done a 6 mile outside yet. I know I need to, though. Glad you made it home safe! I'll let you know how my first long walk outside goes. So far I've made it 5 miles out in the heat.