Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What an Amazing Day

Yesterday was an amazing day, I went to the Dr for yet another follow-up to my lovely surgery. First let me just say I am not usually negative nellie but between my Thryoid cancer summer four years ago my carwreck three years ago last summer was the only free summer. I mean with water play or anything fun for that matter because this one was not starting out looking to promising so my spirits were pretty yucky to say the least.

Now Dr. Medlock has said from the start that I would not miss the walk or even more than a few weeks of training and for most they would have taken that at face value. But not me I felt defeated once again on the 3day that I was trying to tackle. Maybe that is because the first time I signed up to walk in the 3day was the year I found out about my cancer and had to pull out of the walk.  Maybe it is just because I am that person that has to control everything, or maybe it was because I am still working and learning how to listen and trust God in ALL areas of my life. I have said from the very first time I was going to do this walk it was because God was sitting next to me and said "you will walk in the Susan G. Komen 3day Walk for the Cure." Whatever it was yesterday I shot that negative nellie spirit down when Dr. Medlock told me that I could start training again. I am sure I won't be right back at where I left off at 5 miles.  I have told myself I may even have to start back at 1 mile just to see how the swelling and nerve pain I am still having handles the right foot in front of the other. But whatever mileage I make will be on the upside of things and at the end of week 22 I will have "offical training mileage" to report. YAH ME!!!!!

If that wasn't good enough last night I was chceking twitter and noticed a post from SGK about the 2010 College Scholarship Recipients. You can read all about the amazing young adults here. Now as a parent I hope my children never qualify for this scholarship but with young adult and teenage children I always have my eye open for scholarships you just maybe surprised at who offers them. I have to say after reading this article I was that much more ready to get back to training and fundraising. How cool is it that SGK helps not only the women and men fighting this awful disease but their children if they happen to lose their battle.

Now I don't know about you but that sounds like a organzation that I want to help and be a part of, so if you haven't donate to a 3day walker yet won't you please click on the pretty pink button. You can find it on their blog, on their facebook or you can go to and look them up by name.

Standing Firm,


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