Monday, June 14, 2010


So I was hoping that after my release last week to start training I would at least have a couple of miles to report today. Didn't happen (insert sad face here) I tried putting my training shoes on and my foot YELLED back don't do it! Not only did I hear my foot but I heard almost in chorus all the wonderful 3day vets that have said over and over again listen to your body. With my best sad face on I took my shoes off and decided I would give this silly ankle of mine a few more days. I am happy to say that last night I was able to get my training shoes on and wore them for about 30 minutes. There is still swelling but the nerve pain seems to be lease often. By George...I believe we will call that progress! Who knows I just might get some miles in this week. My goal was to be back to full speed by week 20. I still have time.

On the fundraising side of things we had our Topless Carwash Saturday and let me start off first with two words SUNBLOCK and LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!

If you are going to be in the Texas sun for any length of time let a lone 5 hours you would think one would remember sunblock. Well I suppose after all these years I will have to find another reminder because my kids put on their on sunblock now. You would think after all that I do for them they would offer Mom some

Really though ladies and gentlemen it is not a laughing matter skin cancer is as real as breast cancer or any other phrase that ends in cancer...tie a ribbon around your finger, put the bottle at the top of your bag, set a reminder on your fancy phone whatever you have to do but remember the sunblock. In the short run it keeps you from whinning for days because you are burnt and down the road you won't have to worry about skin cancer.

Now for location it is everything when doing a fundraiser that depends on the public. As I have mentioned a few times I was involved in youth sports for 14 years. Which means I have done several carwashes I am very sad to say this was one of the most unsuccessful in terms of money brought in. We handed out lots of flyers, we had lots of signs and used every social media we could think of. But the building we were at was a little set back from the road therefore not allowing the passer-by to see all the fun and carrying on. 

Leason learned make sure you can be seen. Overall we had fun it just means we need to find another great idea to get us to goal.

Standing Firm

Ps. If you haven't donated to a 3day walker please click on their pretty pink button located on their blog, facebook page or goto and look them up by name.



  2. Sorry, your turn-out for your carwash wasn't great. :( Where did you end up having it? I am Co-Captain of a DFW team and we are doing our carwash on July 17th at a Hooters. I am going to follow your blog so I can keep tabs on how you are doing. If you are interested in following us we are called the Chi Chi Mamas. We have a Facebook page and a blog too: On twitter my id is kdshirley13. Kristin

  3. We did our's at a local bar at Northwest Hwy and 635. I will be doing another one soon