Monday, June 28, 2010

T Minus 19 Weeks

I started out last week rocking and rolling I was finally able get Tuesday's 3 miles done with shoes on even if still on the treadmill. So I had planned on attempting to do Thursday's 4 miles outside. For some unknown reason by Thursday mid-day I couldn't hardly step on my right foot, every time I stepped down I felt this weird pull on my Achilles tendon I'm sure it has something to do with the ankle but decided I wouldn't push my luck and gave up on Thursday's miles.

With the weekend approaching I was more than a little worried because the weekend called for a total of 10 miles. Not only is my ankle still on IT'S on schedule but I am planning a huge surprise party for my Grandmother who has been in business for herself for 50 years. How was I going to get it all in training, and starting the final preparations for the party which is this coming weekend.

Saturday dawned and closed with no training walk but there was 13 straight ours of rolling flatware, making centerpieces, making brochures, scanning pictures and a few more small projects. I was NOT going to let the entire weekend get a way from me so Sunday morning I was up with the birds and out the door. Yes, I made it outside. Not sure how far I would make it (since this was the first outside walk since surgery)  I had a planned route for 6 miles or 4 miles. I later found out that my boyfriend didn't think I would make it to the end of the street since I was still a bit if-y with the way the shoe was rubbing on the ankle.

I am totally stoked to say I made it all 6 miles and felt...GREAT!! Well maybe proud is a better word because there were a few times I wasn't sure about going on. Then I decided to talk to the person who talked me into this 3day thing in the first place. God. I was like ok...You told me to do this several years ago and this was to be the year I was to walk. Now you know I have to train for such a HUGE, BOLD, CRAZY task so please Lord help me get my mind off the "rubbing" and "self", help me to get focused on the training and the reason I am doing this in the first place. To change lives!!!!!!!!!!

After a little back and forth just like always the grace of the Lord was at hand and 6 miles was done. I did learn a few things about pit stops but I will post that later this week.

Fundraising is at a pit stop right now since I have to finish this party but after the holiday weekend I will get back to meeting goal.

Week 19 calls for a total of 21 miles. I am diffently going to have to do some planning if I am to get them all in. I am truly in awe of the vets that have learned to juggle life and 3day.

Standing Firm

Ps. If you haven't donated to a 3day walker yet, you know the drill click on one of the pretty pink buttons on their facebook, blog, or simply goto and look them up by name.


  1. How fantastic that you made it the 6 miles! How are you feeling today? Can you use moleskin for the rubbing parts? Just a thought, you could break up your longer training walks into two smaller ones. Maybe it would be an easier way to ease your ankle into submission =)

    Good luck on your Grandma's party!!


  2. I never thought about moleskin for the ankle but I just might try it. I will talk to the Dr tomorrow on my what should be my last visit.