Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Over the last month I have gone from the little train that "thinks she can" to the girl that was feeling totally defeated and allowing that crazy and annoying voice in my head to start questioning "what am I doing", "is the 3day really in my future?"

Not because of money although I, like all newbies, have been a little FREAKED over $2300.00 but I am happy to say that with the donations I still need to send in from fundraisers we have had.  I am less than $200.00 away from the minium goal.

Because of this dang ankle and the long process to heal. So much for day surgery and walking on it that night. But and its a big BUT last night I do believe was the turning point I was able to walk 3 precious miles with a shoe on!!!!!!!!!

Now in Texas we don't really like shoes after March because when it's 100 + degrees in the afternoon and 80 at 6:00 a.m. you'r flip flops become your best friend but (again with the buts) to train for 60 miles you need to be in shoes that support your feet and ankles which flip flops don't do. 

With last nights victory I am aiming to do Thursday's 4 miles outside. I know...I know I just said the temps are out of control but the treadmill seems way harder to me. I don't know if it because you aren't moving or if I don't have something set right. But my legs have always hurt after the big bad treadmill. But I have to get thru tonight's 15 mins of cross-training first.

Wish me luck with both.

Standing Firm

Ps. If you haven't donated yet to a 3day walker...What are you waiting for??? Get busy click the pretty pink button on their facebook, blog or goto and look them up by name.

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