Monday, June 21, 2010

T Minus 20 Weeks

With father's day this past weekend we watched lots of baseball at our house and I couldn't help but laugh when I thought about how the 3day resembles baseball.  We are fighting to save second base and we track everything!  We track miles walked and not just walked but how many miles are on each pair of shoes. We can tell you how long our favorite path is, which stores allow potty breaks. Heck I even applied for a job near my home and before I even went in to visit with them I had clocked the mileage thinking I could work it in to training.

Now for most of you veteran walkers this is not new and have probably thought similar things but I have never been a huge baseball fan to my father's disappointment and more than once have I laughed at all the things they count. I suppose those giggles will be a little less now that I am a counter.

The ankle is still giving me problems and I am not totally back to the training schedule but I AM finding was to out smart the ankle.

Wednesday = 1 morning mile outside with shoes on
Thursday = 1 mile on the treadmill (a special thanks to my honey for moving into the bedroom for me)
Friday = 1 mile on the treadmill
Saturday = 1 mile on the treadmill with shoes and 3 more without. Now I did have break in between each mile to let the nerves calm down.

Now the total mileage for last week was 16 and I only got 7 but hey that is 7 more than I had the last 4 weeks since surgery. I am very hopeful that all that pre-official-training since February when I signed up for the 3day will pay-off. I didn't get in any cross-training and I am really working on myself about that.

There are times that 20 weeks seem like a forever distance/time away then there are times that I think to myself with "ONLY" 20 weeks left before the 3day I still have so much to train and prepare for. So my goal for this week is to stick to the training schedule as much as the ankle will allow.

Monday = is suppose to be a rest day but I think I will do a couple of miles to have them in incase I am lacking at the end of the week.
Tuesday = 3 miles (my goal is to do this with shoes on the entire time)
Wednesday = 15 mins of weight training ( I am pretty sure once I dust the dust off I have a weight bench in my den)
Thursday = 4 miles
Friday = 30 minutes of cross training (maybe I can find a pool to beat this Texas heat and still call it training)

Saturday = 6 miles
Sunday = 4 miles

That's a total of 17 miles and 45 minutes of cross training now I am not sure how well the ankle will play but I do know that I will give it all I've got and along the way I will try to remember what a friend told me last week " defeat is not trying"!

On the fundraising side of things I have to plan another "something" I just have not decided what it will be yet. I have a few ideas swirling around but they may have to wait until after July 4th weekend. We have alot planned for the next two weeks.

Until then Standing Firm,

Ps. If you haven't donated to a 3day walker yet please click on the pretty pink button on their blog, facebook or goto and look them up by name. Remember we each have at least $2300.00 to raise and without the help, love, and support of folks like you we wouldn't have to train because there would be no walk. No way to kick breast cancer booty!


  1. I've been having some issues with previous injuries and was in so much pain last night from a pinched nerve in my inner thigh shooting pain down to my ankle with every step I took. I worked through the whole mile with my walking buddy and am now having a much needed lazy day.

    I had plans to take to the pool daily this week, but that can't happen now till next week. I envy you if you make it! LOL

    I love having a treadmill in my home! We just moved our's into the living room and out of the bedroom... I find myself walking bare foot when my ankle starts acting up. Hope your feeling better soon!

  2. Way to go Tanya! I know you are itching to get back into things full swing, but please don't over do it. You seem to be doing a great job of listening to your body, so keep it up =) Swimming for sure counts as cross training, and sounds like a great option for your ankle!

    Stay cool =)

  3. Thanks Ladies, This newbie needs all the positive thoughts I can get.

    Happy walking